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Integrated Solution Provider in Safety and Electrical
Our Engineering and consulting services focus on understanding your requirements and setting strategies for your power system to satisfy your business needs. Our engineers and consultants can help diagnose problems, identify ways to improve performance, or transform concepts into flexible, practical solutions that can lead to better productivity and capital utilization.

At SASCOM India, it's important to keep workers and equipment safe. Human negligence can cause injuries, lawsuits, fines, equipment damage, facility downtime and lost production. That's why we design all of our products with worker and equipment safety in mind.

We also provide safety training to help keep workers safe, including:

Electrical safety training
Grounding studies
Equipment maintenance training
Coordination and short circuit studies

Facility management System
Facility management includes the optimization and implementation management of all processes, which are essential for the operation and the maintenance of your facilities.

In order for companies to compete successfully in today's market environment, concentration on core processes and looking at the economics of all processes outside the core production area has become essential.

In the scope of industrial facility management Sascom India can take over the management, design and optimization of maintenance measures around industrial facilities. This includes the analysis and determination of specific maintenance requirements for production and distribution buildings as well as related technical equipment and facilities.


IT Asset Utilization and Management Audit
SASCOM India addresses the growing need of organizations to manage information system & infrastructure more effectively and efficiently. Wizertech focuses on Technology Enablement and total ownership of Information system Management & IT infrastructure through technically equipped man power & strong logistics support at the back end.

SASCOM India brings to the table an ability to correctly assess users requirements for IT infrastructure asset management & maintenance and deliver services that exceed user expectations.

Our management & maintenance services adopt a multidimensional approach to the vexatious issue of IT infrastructure management & maintenance services, that is a blend of quality man power, timely response & cost effectiveness, We are extremely competent in providing services on the technologies that is vendor neutral (software, hardware) and management services that are reliable and cost-effective.SASCOM India provides comprehensive maintenance support on Desktop.


AMC and Warranty Services
Streamlining business activity to empower an agile venture originates from the requirement in delivering quicker to marketplace, make greatest use of resources and empower price efficacies. Technology has really become an enabler to ease the fulfillment of company objects. Company Programs can be tailor made for any industry. It is critical in today’s world.

SASCOM India is one of the top Solution and Service providers  in India. SASCOM India is a leading provider of Integrated IT services to small, medium and large enterprises.

We’re a multi-platform, multi-vendor data-center hardware maintenance provider, having 13 years expertise Backed by our powerful quality procedures which has assisted us significantly more than 10,000 successful implementation for customers across various business verticals.

SASCOM India provides a very economical & a much better support compared to the OEM’s. Our clients increase the useful life of the data-center equipment in a substantial financial savings with no requirements of an extended OEM warranty.

SASCOM India AMC service provides  100% budget guarantee, warranty, Upgrade of your IT equipment would also be taken care of. We provide 98% uptime 2% more than Industry standard. Our main advantage is the asset of having people along with you as well as our pricing structure, may be the exemplary degree of support which SASCOM India Provide.


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